Discovering Yogyakarta: Cultural Wonders and Natural Beauty

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"Experience the warmth of Yogyakarta's people, the flavors of its cuisine, and the spiritual serenity that will stay with you long after you've left."


Klanceng Bee Farm
Palm Sugar Making
Kembang Soka
Dawet Sambel

We begin our adventure in the morning by visiting a local coffee farm. Here, we will be greeted by experienced coffee farmers who will guide us through the coffee processing process. After that, we continued our journey to the honey bee cultivation site. There, we will be introduced to expert beekeepers who will explain the important role of stingless bees in honey production and teach us how to care for bee nests and the techniques used in stingless bee farming. We may even have the opportunity to see bee nests up close and taste the natural honey produced by stingless bees. After visiting the stingless bees, we continued our journey to the traditional Javanese sugar production site. Here, farmers will guide us through all the steps in the Javanese sugar-making process. In the evening, we continue along the roads to the Kembang Soka Waterfall. Upon arriving at the waterfall, we will be amazed by its natural beauty. We can walk around the waterfall, feel the coolness of the water, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This is the perfect moment to relax and appreciate nature before returning to our accommodation for some rest.

Sunrise Bukit Panguk
Songgo Langit
Hobbit House
Mangunan Pine Forest
Indrayanti Beach

In the morning, we start our adventure with a trip to Sunrise Bukit Panguk. Arriving there just before sunrise, we will get ready to witness the spectacular sunrise view from this hill. From the hill's peak, we can watch the sunrise over the horizon, creating a mesmerizing landscape with the interplay of light and shadows. This is the perfect moment to capture beautiful photos. After enjoying the sunrise, the journey continues to Songgo Langit, located not far from Bukit Panguk. Here, we will find a park with various interesting photo spots. Songgo Langit offers views ranging from rice fields, and pine forests, to beautiful fields of flowers. We can stroll around, relax, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. After Songgo Langit, we head to Pinus Mangunan. This is a beautiful pine forest with walking trails that allow us to explore and enjoy the lush natural surroundings. We can relax under the pine trees, listen to the rustling of the wind, or take photos among the towering trees. After exploring Pinus Mangunan, we can continue the journey to Pantai Indrayanti. Here, we will find an amazing white sandy beach with blue seawater. In the evening, we can witness the sunset at Pantai Indrayanti before returning to our accommodation. That marks the end of a day filled with adventure and natural beauty in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Palace
Royal Palace
Taman Sari
Bale Raos
Malioboro Street

In the morning, we begin our adventure by visiting Keraton Yogyakarta, a traditional palace that serves as the cultural and historical center of Yogyakarta. We will see beautiful architecture inspired by classical Javanese culture. We can explore the palace complex, and visit museums, as well as historical sites that reveal the heritage of the Yogyakarta kingdom. Afterward, we continued the journey to Taman Sari, which used to be a royal resting place for the Yogyakarta royal family. Here, we will see stunning architectural structures, such as Candi Umbul Binangun, which is the palace bathing pool. We can explore various historical buildings and beautiful gardens. After visiting Taman Sari, it's time for lunch. We can choose a local restaurant or eatery to taste Yogyakarta's typical dishes. After lunch, we head to Jalan Malioboro, one of Yogyakarta's famous shopping and tourist centers. Here, we can shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, and antiques. Malioboro is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with street vendors, street art performances, and a lively atmosphere. We can stroll along Malioboro, stop at interesting shops, and try the local food and drinks offered along the street. In the evening, we can further explore Malioboro or return to our accommodation after a day filled with culture, history, and shopping in Yogyakarta.

SDGs in this trip


Decent work opportunities in tourism, particularly for youth and women, and policies that favor better diversification through tourism value chains can enhance tourism's positive socio-economic impacts.


Tourism can advance urban infrastructure and accessibility, promote regeneration, and preserve cultural and natural heritage, assets on which tourism depends.


Enhance partnerships by actively involving various local businesses and communities in a collective effort to attain sustainable tourism goals.


  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Lunch and dinner during the tour
  • Entrance Fee (Bromo Tour, Batu Night Spectacular, Coban Rondo)
  • Air-conditioned hired car/van
  • Fuels, parking, and English-speaker driver
  • Refilled mineral water
  • Snacks


  • Flight ticket
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other personal expenses

What you get?

This package provides a diverse range of experiences, from cultural and historical exploration to hands-on activities in beautiful natural surroundings. Travelers can enjoy the rich heritage, natural beauty, and traditions of Yogyakarta. 


Other Information

  • Duration : 3 Days and 2 Nights
  • Price for minimum 2 pax order
  • No age limitation
  • Traveler pickup is offered.
  • Hotel pickup is offered. View the hotel list on our checkout page to see if yours is included among the pickup points.

Tips to join this trip

  1. Remember to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's rays. You can also wear a hat and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun.
  2. When visiting Keraton Taman Sari or other historical sites, make sure to dress modestly and in accordance with local customs. Avoid tight or revealing clothing.
  3. Always carry enough drinking water to keep yourself hydrated, especially in hot weather.
  4. Don't forget to ask for permission before taking photos of local people or places of worship.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your journey safely, comfortably, and with respect for the local environment and culture.

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