From the High Mountain to the Low Sea: Immersing in Yogyakarta Natural and Cultural Tourism

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Yogyakarta is a special region in Indonesia that will mesmerize anyone with its nature and culture spreading from North to South


Mangunan Fruits Park
Pine Forest
Sri Gethuk Waterfall
Indrayanti Beach
Bukit Bintang

Mangunan Fruit Garden, renowned as the Land Above the Clouds, earns its fame for offering a mesmerizing view of the enchanting mist river. To fully appreciate the splendor of Mangunan Fruit Garden, it is advisable for visitors to experience it in the morning. The thick morning mist creates a sensation of being above the clouds, particularly enhancing the scenic beauty. If the eastern side is bathed in sunlight, witnessing the sunrise adds another layer of beauty to the panorama. En route to Gunungkidul, travelers can relish the refreshing mountain air and enjoy picturesque views of the pine forest.


Sri Gethuk Waterfall and Indrayanti Beach further enhance the allure of water tourism, providing a serene and relaxing experience. The day concludes with a night tour, allowing visitors to marvel at the beauty of Yogyakarta from the elevated vantage point of Bukit Bintang.

Mount Merapi
Museum Ullen Sentalu
Landmark Merapi
Tebing Breksi
Merapi Lava Tour

On the second day of our adventure, our journey commences with an exhilarating Merapi Lava Tour, inviting you to embark on a 4x4 jeep expedition to explore the slopes of Mount Merapi. During this tour, you'll have the opportunity to witness the formidable power of the active Merapi volcano. Following this adrenaline-fueled experience, we guide you to the captivating Museum Ullen Sentalu, a hidden treasure nestled in the heart of Yogyakarta. This museum unveils the royal history of Java through its exquisite collection of Javanese artifacts, encompassing art, culture, and the lives of the sultans. Moving on, we explore Landmark Merapi, a contemporary observatory offering panoramic views of Mount Merapi. As the day transitions into dusk, savor the enchanting sunset views at either Tebing Breksi or Candi Ijo, capturing stunning photographs and creating enduring memories amidst the serene backdrop of Yogyakarta's breathtaking landscapes.

Keraton Yogyakarta
Keraton Yogyakarta
Tamansari Castle
Tamansari Castle
Malioboro Street

Our final day in Yogyakarta kicks off with a visit to the splendid Keraton Yogyakarta, the royal palace, where we are captivated by its historical significance and architectural magnificence. Just a short distance away, we uncover Taman Sari, the graceful water castle that once served as a retreat for the sultans. Its intricate design and tranquil pools provide a glimpse into the opulence of a bygone era. Following a delightful local lunch, we leisurely stroll through the lively Malioboro Street, a bustling market teeming with a diverse array of traditional crafts and souvenirs, tempting us to indulge in collecting mementos.

SDGs in this trip


Decent work opportunities in tourism, particularly for youth and women, and policies that favor better diversification through tourism value chains can enhance tourism's positive socio-economic impacts.


Tourism can advance urban infrastructure and accessibility, promote regeneration, and preserve cultural and natural heritage, assets on which tourism depends.


Enhance partnerships by actively involving various local businesses and communities in a collective effort to attain sustainable tourism goals.


  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fee for all destination
  • Air-conditioned hired car/van
  • Fuels, parking, and English-speaker driver
  • Refilled mineral water
  • Snacks


  • Flight ticket
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other personal expenses

What you get?

In this package, you can get the experience of exploring hidden natural, cultural, and educational attractions. Enjoying the beauty of the sunset and the sea of ​​clouds, enjoying the view of the majestic Merapi volcano, as well as learning about the history and culture of Yogyakarta through visiting the Yogyakarta Palace and its surrounding tourist attractions.

Other Information

  • Duration : 3 Days and 2 Nights
  • Price for minimum 2 pax order
  • No age limitation
  • Traveler pickup is offered.
  • Hotel pickup is offered. View the hotel list on our checkout page to see if yours is included among the pickup points.

Tips to join this trip

  • Prepare yourself physically by exercising before going on a trip
  • Prepare your swimsuit
  • Prepare warm clothes to see the sunrise
  • Bring a flashlight or dual-lighting device
  • Bring your hat and umbrella for the hot sun

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